Sunday, 29 July 2018

Daion Partscaster

Fairly beat up old Daion partscaster. '57 strat pickups and harness (they are ancient) sound amazing though, could use a set up. 21 fret all maple Daion blackface neck. Plays and sounds as good as any Strat I have.


Friday, 20 July 2018

Daion Blackface Strat in Heritage Cream

Daion Blackface Strat. 21 fret 25.5 inch scale maple neck and board, plays really well, vintage handwound single coils, the neck pickup has more butter than a Welsh dairy :-) Body is beat up a little but will start to relic nicely as the re-paint was put on super thin in Heritage Cream.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Daion Rockson MDL "White on White"

For sale on Gumtree is this beautiful Rockson MDL in vintage white which has aged to a lovely cream colour. For the asking price of $195, this would be an excellent buy. User comments and link below.

"Daion Rockson MDL"

Stunning "white on white" Fender Stratocaster style 6-string solid body electric guitar with three pickups. Five-position pickup selector switch. Features removable tremolo arm.

This guitar has been gently used and lovingly looked after and would be a fantastic first electric guitar for someone looking to learn.

One tiny ding (half the size of a 5-cent coin) on the lower edge of the guitar body (not visible from the front). Obviously doesnt effect operation or the sound of the guitar - cosmetic only. Could easily be filled in and would be virtually invisible.

Sale includes a matching all-white Ernie Ball guitar strap, a quality Proline guitar lead a selection of plectrums and two guitar books - perfect starter kit for a beginner.



Saturday, 16 June 2018

All original Daion Performer - "Lawsuit" Fender Stratocaster Blackie

A very decent looking Daion Performer for sale on Gumtree, seller comments below:

This is an all original Daion Performer, lawsuit style Fender Stratocaster.

For those in the know, these guitars play as well, if not better that the "real" thing.

Personally, my No1 guitar is another Daion that I go to and, in my opinion, it beats all others in the same category. For this keen to see this, I have a genuine 1991 Fender Stratocaster USA that you can play side by side for comparison.

The pictures tell the rest of the story.


Thursday, 26 April 2018

White Daion Rockson MDL Bass

For sale is a Daion Rockson MDL electric bass guitar, in good working order and comes with a case.

Both have wear consistent with being 40-50 year's old. Open to trades.

Guitar and case $250 Scarborough W

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Aged White Left Handed Daion Performer Set Up For Right Handed Playing

I wish this one had come up a few years ago, left handed Performer, but the nut has been cut and it has been set up to play right-handed. That maple neck would be perfect to make a right-handed reverse headstock "Strat".

Made in Korea in the 1980's

Stratocaster copy

Has been set up with the nut, bridge and intonation to be played right handed but can be set up as left handed


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Vintage Japanese Daion Rockson MDL

Vintage Japanese Daion Strat last price drop $300

80’s Daion strat , I would say Japanese build as I have owned a Korean one and it is nothing on this bad boy

Solid body , (the Korean one I owned was plywood lol ) maple neck rosewood fingerboard

Has mini humbucker pickup and single coil humbucker at present (can you tell I’m not a strat guy lol) , the single coil is original, don’t ask me make the others are, just pulled out of other guitars,
But It will be supplied with original pick guard and the 2 original single coils as well.

Great build quality and vintage vibe, good quality tuners etc, bridge has been blocked , but supplied with whammy bar (easy to unblock)

Recently reffreted with super jumbos ( originals were worn out)

Lots of mojo and marks as you would expect from a nearly 40 year old guitar .

Any questions please ask,


UPDATE just played this again today and I’m on the fence as to whether I sell it or not , just pre warning you lol 🤔

UPDATE UPDATE , last chance to own guitar , not going below $300 😀👍 I’ve been playing guitar and haven’t owned a strat like this since I bought a brand new USA strat plus in the 80’s from honky took music uk !!!
I’m selling it cause I love the les Paul scale more than poor ole Leo

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Daion "Les Paul" Style Guitar

Currently for sale on Gumtree is a lovely two-tone tobacco-burst "Les Paul" style guitar.

Plenty of "Strat" style Daion's come up for style, but the "Les Paul" style ones very rarely appear, and I can guarantee if I was still able to play, it would already be mine!

Daion Les Paul copy, Comes with hard case. 

$270 Negotiable

Monday, 12 February 2018

Someone's taken an Axe to this Axe!

This Daion I am assuming started life in the shape of a "Strat", but it looks like somebody has had some time with something sharp, and substantially altered the body shape.

In any case it is for sale on Gumtree, probably still couldn't go wrong for the price.

DAION Electric Guitar $40 Carramar, W.A.
Works well, still in good condition.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Hot-rodded Daion Performer in Sunburst with Maple Neck

Hot-rodded Daion Performer in Sunburst with Maple Neck is currently for sale on, looks very nice and sounds like an awesome guitar.

Vintage Daion Performer guitar which has been fully hot-rodded under the hood.

The pickups are USA Texas Specials, pots are CTS, 5 way switch is CRL and a Switchcraft jack have all been profesionally installed. The Tuners have also been replaced.

These guitars have a bit of a cult following,and this one is exceptional. Tons of vintage mojo, with modern firepower and reliability to boot.Great neck shape with a beautiful low action. Will also supply original pickups and tuners.

Get in quick as these don't come up very often,and the asking price barely covers the upgrades!

Burleigh Waters QLD